The real scare of Covid-19

By Scott Lambert

One of Jamey’s saluki friends told her some horrible news today. Both of her grandparents had Covid-19 and she was expecting to lose her grandfather soon.
This news hit Jamey hard. Especially the personal stuff. The friend, Danielle Rubin, has Salukis and one of the most beautiful spotted saluki bitches I’ve ever seen. I don’t know Danielle personally but I’ve seen her at shows. And I relate to her story. Parts of it.
She’s had to deal with this issue for a while. Covid-19 doesn’t kill quick. So, her family watched and waited while both grandparents suffered. Alone. Wednesday was her first seder without her grandpa, ever. Her grandma started to improve and, just the other day, left the hospital. Grandpa didn’t. He’s been put on the ventilator. He isn’t expected to come off it. They got to talk with him one last time. He was lonely and wanted to come home. And that’s where I relate.
Covid-19 is a horrible way to die because it leaves us alone to die. And, like so many people, that’s my great fear. I don’t fear death, but when it’s my time to go I want my wife, family and dogs around me. When Jamey was sick a couple of weeks ago I had nightmares that just haven’t left of me in a hospital room with tubes in my mouth and no one around me.
It’s what’s destroyed the morale of caretakers around the world, it has been talked about in the press and we hear and try to put it away somewhere.
But Danielle Rubin isn’t having the nightmare. She’s living it. It’s not that he’s leaving this world, we all do that. It’s that he’s alone and dying and those who love him can’t even say goodbye.
Why do I know this story?
Because Danielle wanted Jamey to know and thought that her story might convince somebody to take precautions. She also put a face on a story that is affecting us as all. Maybe you don’t know anyone who died from this virus. Maybe you do. But Danielle Rubin’s grandpa is real. And dying.
This is Holy Week. It’s Passover and Easter and Ramadan is coming soon. Maybe you believe, maybe you don’t. If you do, say a prayer for Danielle’s grandpa and, while you’re at it, say a prayer for everyone who is lying in a hospital facing their end alone.
Then, say a prayer for the nurses who are doing their best to be there for their dying patients. If you don’t believe, send out your best thoughts and positive energy. It helps. And it might make a difference.
For everyone.


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