If you voted for Trump — Live with it

This isn’t sour grapes. I’ve been on the losing end of elections before and I most likely will again.

Yes, I voted for Hillary and I voted for her because I believed she is the most qualified person for the job. I happened to think the first Clinton Presidency was a good time for America, despite Bill’s issues in office. And I thought then, and still do, that Hillary was smarter than Bill. So I voted for her.

And yes, she did win the popular election. But she lost the electoral college, and like it or not, that’s how we decide elections in the United States.

So Trump won.

I’ve had students in tears, wondering what their future holds and I’ll admit, on Wednesday, I didn’t know. I know some things. First, I don’t blame Trump for what’s coming, I blame you, the people that voted for him.

If Trump even keeps half of his campaign promises (the average for a President is around 70 percent) then this country will be in trouble.

And I’m going to make sure my Republican friends stand by their vote.

Repeal Obama care and watch as 20 million go uninsured – you voted for him. Live with it. Rejoice as people die because of lack of health care.

Watch as families who have been in this country for decades and built a life are split up because some are here legally, while others aren’t. I’ll send you those pictures. Tell them how it’s their fault they tried to build a better life in America but they shouldn’t be here.

When your gay or lesbian friends start getting harassed again (and don’t tell me Trump is pro-LGBT, look who he chose as his VP) you live with it. No, not live with it, rejoice in it. This is what you voted for.

The return of stop and frisk, a law and order society, free reign for bad police officers (not talking about the majority who do a good job) to go back to shooting black folks for no reason and with no accountability (I’ll look at you as our cities burn in protest and our President calls in the National Guard).

The continued rise in hate speech, the emboldened hate groups like the KKK, that sits on the new President’s doorstep as well. But I’m not blaming Trump, I’m blaming you, because you voted for him.

You voted for this.

You didn’t like Hillary and her emails. You believed she was corrupt, you believed a lot of things. And you yearned for a day when we could make America great again. Well, you’re getting that. And when the bad things happen, the things that we know are coming, get here, you don’t get to act shocked. You don’t get to say “But that isn’t me, I don’t believe in that.” You voted for it. You knew. And you voted for it.

So live with your vote. And hope that Trump’s promises are false. Or hope that they aren’t. Maybe it’s time for you to cheer when Trump attacks free speech, or he attacks women’s choice over their bodies, or anyone’s choice over who they decide to fall in love with.

Maybe it’s time to cheer when our Muslim community is attacked, when immigrant families are torn apart and when the sick can’t get health care. After all, you voted for it.



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